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    Research & Development

    At Nucor, innovation is constant. We’re not afraid to try new things—and try them in a timely manner. Unlike centralized R&D departments, we do research locally and in real time. This allows us to address customer needs much more quickly than our competitors.

    First we evaluate your goals.

    Then we gather ideas across disciplines and study them thoroughly, with the goal of testing them in our mills as soon as possible.
    We won’t subject you to a long, drawn out development process.

    It’s one reason why Nucor offers thousands of steel grades—and the number grows constantly. In the last two years, Nucor added more than 200 new products across 19 markets resulting in nearly one million tons of new product shipments. This puts us at the leading edge of performance-grade steel technology.

    Of course, it takes strong financial commitment to stay on the leading edge. Between 2008 and 2013, Nucor invested roughly $8 Billion IN EXPANDING CAPACITY AND CAPABILITY, improving quality, and increasing reliability. That includes $290 MILLION TO EXPAND ENGINEERED BAR CAPACITY and UPGRADE EQUIPMENT, effectively ensuring the highest quality for the most demanding applications. Innovation is simply part of our DNA.