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    Breadth Of Products

    These days, you need more steel than ever.

    The trend toward domestic oil production, plus the recent boom in natural gas exploration and drilling, means more steel production. With our broad product line and more than 28 million tons of capacity, Nucor delivers. We already produce 6 million tons of steel a year for the oil and gas industry–a number that’s growing rapidly.

    You want to talk pipe and tube products? We supply the steel for your entire range of line pipe and OCTG products, both welded and seamless. As for our energy infrastructure capabilities, we make the steel for everything from pumps, sucker rods and storage tanks to drilling rig equipment, refineries and offshore platforms. When you consider that one offshore platform requires 18,000 tons (and multiple grades) of steel, our broad and deep product offering is crucial.

    How do we do it? As the country’s largest recycler, we make most of our steel from scrap. We even bought scrap metal broker, David J. Joseph, to help us meet demand. And perhaps best of all, we make 100% of our steel domestically. No competitor can say the same. Bottom line: Nucor is uniquely qualified to keep your oil and gas flowing.