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    Environmental Sustainability

    Our steel leads many lives.

    Instead of blast furnaces, our mini mills are driven by electric arc furnaces, which use scrap as their main raw material. As a result, we recycle 1,200 pounds of steel every second, making Nucor the single largest recycler in North America. No one makes steel more sustainably.

    Our EAFs save 1,705 kilowatt hours of electricity per ton.

    They also release 86 fewer pounds. of air pollutants per ton—or more than 2 million tons less pollution per year—than blast furnaces.

    Over the long term, conserving raw materials, saving energy and reducing pollution is better for everyone. But how can our sustainability help your business?

    Some of our customers are pioneering environmentally-

    NuHeat® plate can help extend truck life and lower overall costs, while NuStrength sheet can help reduce weight and fuel usage. At the end of the truck’s life, Nucor can recycle the steel to make the next environmentally-sustainable truck.

    Bottom line? Our steel not only leads many lives,it’s making our lives better.