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    Research & Development

    Our mills are mini. Our commitment to innovation is huge.

    First of all, Nucor offers thousands of steel grades—and the number is constantly growing. Last year alone, Nucor added about 150 new grades or products. Today, with our portfolio of high-performance sheet products, we’re at the leading edge of performance grade steel technology.

    Innovation is part of Nucor’s DNA.

    We began operating our first mini mill in the late 1960s. Later our Crawfordsville mini mill was the first to produce 2" thick flat-rolled steel — something our rivals said “couldn’t be done”.

    We also developed Castrip®

    a single-step process for converting molten steel into solid sheets. 500 - 800m And today, our NuStrength steels are giving you the excellent strength-to-weight ratios you need.

    Unlike centralized R&D departments,
    we do our research locally and in real time. To give customers immediate help, we evaluate their goals, gather ideas across disciplines, then try them in our mills. For example, we solved one German automaker’s supply issues in record time by involving our salespeople, metallurgists and mill operators. and we can do the same for you.