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    Don’t confuse the size of our mills with the quantity or quality of our steel.

    Given our reliance on dozens of mini mills, as opposed to traditional integrated mills, we understand you may have some misperceptions about what Nucor can bring to your automotive production process—misperceptions that could hurt your bottom line.

    So we’d like to set the record straight.

    Nucor is North America’s largest steel producer because of our mini mills. We make more kinds of steel than our competitors because of our mini mills.

    We consistently get top ratings in the Jacobson Customer Survey

    because of our mini mills. And we’re better equipped to innovate and customize because of our mini mills.

    Each mini mill is autonomous, and each mill’s employees are free to meet customer needs the best way they see fit. However, if one mill can’t deliver what you need, we work together to make sure another one can.

    So the reality is, our mini mills can give you a big advantage.